Smoked Veneers

Smoked Veneers are an exotic range of dark veneers sourced generally from the Pyimana province of Myanmar, which yields unique dark grains. The smoked veneers are further processed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of reputed industry fore runners, to give them an exotic look which is dark, deep & divine. Stained dark colored Veneers are very in vogue these days. The process used turns light colored veneers to warm rich chocolate browns. Very few kinds of wood can be processed in this fashion as there is a definite level of tannic acid required. This tannic acid reacts with the fuming ammonia to produce the dark hues of brown. The color that the fumed wood takes on due to the fumigation process is to a large degree non-aging and is far more stable to light compared to many other coloured wood types. The fumed wood veneer is also more elastic and less brittle.

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